Our testimonials

“ Hi Mr. Meeker,
Just wanted to reach out to let you know that I received two offers yesterday from Northeastern and American! Amazing scholarship offers from each and American admitted me to their Global Scholars program (3-year undergrad). I'm so excited and relieved to have two viable options on the table! Thanks for all your help in making this a possibility! I'll keep you posted over the next few weeks as I hear from other schools. Have a great weekend! Madeline ”

Madeline D., Student in class of ‘21(attending Northeastern Univ)

“ Rod and College Planning Solutions has been working with my daughter and me for just over 7 years now. Tonya started working with them in the middle of her freshman year. They helped her build a quality list of best fit colleges for her and eventually helped her set up proper college visits to 10 of her top 12 schools. She even had 2 overnight stays and got to sit in on classes and meet with professors and admissions folks. She received some extremely large scholarships from a couple colleges because Rod knew that she’d get a lot because she would be a great fit for that college and what they were looking for in a student. Rod was extremely helpful when I got divorced and my financial situation changed a lot. He helped with appeals during those years which were so beneficial. There are many positives I can talk about and so happy we found Rod and College Planning Solutions. Tonya will be graduating college with a 4.0 and applying to law school and I have to think that they had a big hand on getting things right in the beginning! ”

Kelly B., Mother of Univ. of Mount Union student (class of ’17)

“ Throughout the course of my senior year, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Mr. Rod Meeker. He has drastically improved the efficiency of my college application process, helping me stay organized through this stressful time. He has additionally given me numerous resources for planning softwares, scholarships, and a very strategic essay editor who greatly improved my writing. Rod continues to provide me answers to any questions I may have regarding college applications, interviews, finances, or trips, allowing me to use my time wisely, focusing on my essays. Should he not have an immediate answer, he dedicates his time to finding one, getting back to me as promptly as possible. He has been extremely helpful for me, and I know he would be for any student who needs any kind of assistance through their college process. ”

Alayna P., National Merit Finalist student class of ’21 (attending Duke University)

“ This program has been incredibly helpful in my preparation for college. Rod's insight into college admissions is invaluable, and his knowledge and resources make the college admission and financial aid process less of a mystery or gamble. Rod was always willing to help me one-on-one, and his practice interviews helped me shine. I also greatly benefitted from his help in crafting and editing my college essays. Because of Rod and his program, I was able to put my best foot forward, and my acceptances into top schools reflect it! ”

Shannon F., Student in class of ‘21(attending Princeton University)

“ They supported our family during the past 3 years. During that time, they opened up my son’s eyes to volunteer opportunities we would never have come up with ourselves. Those volunteer activities really set his application apart from his peers. My son became one of those applicants we would read all about online, but never knew how to become. He ended up getting into Duke, University of Chicago, Purdue and 3 of his other top 10 schools, even though he didn’t have the best GPA and SAT score in his class, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Just trust them. ”

Monica T., Mother of a Duke University student (class of ’20)

" I just wanted to let you know that I am officially committed to Denison! I'm so excited!!! Also, I wanted to thank you so so so much for helping me and also connecting me to the swim coach! I plan to swim for them the next 4 years!!! "

Devin J., student at Denison University (class of ’17)

“ They were incredibly responsive to my daughter’s needs throughout her application process. They developed a customized list of schools that would meet her interests, helped her craft wonderful essays, and provided great interview training. She got into 7 out of 9 schools she applied to, including Georgetown, her dream school! You too can trust that your child will be in good hands. ”

Mark A., Father of a Georgetown University Student (class of ’20)

" Last night, I was notified that I have been accepted into Swarthmore! Thank you for all your help, I appreciate it! "

Megan P., student accepted to Swarthmore College (class of ’21)

“ It has been worth every penny to have peace of mind through this stressful process. It is an excellent value. Every parent at my daughter’s high school is going to know about College Planning Solutions. ”

Meredith C., Mother of class of ’21 student

“ We were not getting much help from the high school and the financial aid night didn’t seem very helpful. Your program automatically filed the forms which we loved and we saved a lot of money by knowing how we should answer some of the questions. ”

William D., Father of University of Washington student (class of ’19)

“ Your program helped me so much with my son William. I was very nervous trying it. We have other children we will enroll soon. ”

Sue J., Mother of Roanoke College student (class of ’20)

“ One thing I found very helpful were the student and parent digital platforms. It made doing any research and staying on track easy. They made a complicated and almost never ending process much easier to deal with than I could have imagined. ”

Jason R., Father of Bucknell University student (class of ’20)

“ This whole process could be overwhelming, and having a program to follow and keep us all on track is so helpful. Is just a huge time save. It’s a very valuable service and I appreciate it. Thank You. ”

Raj P., Father of Washington & Lee Univ. student (class of ’18)

“ College Planning Solutions helped us tailor my college list, provided and online platform for organizing my application deadlines, provided some guidance on merit aid scholarships and helped me to edit a few of my core essays. Their support has been appreciated. ”

Dominique P., Student in class of ‘21

“ The questions that I was asked were not as hard compared to the ones that you had asked me in the meetings the other day. I was very calm during the interviews and I feel like I was able to connect with the interviewers despite being on zoom. The prep that we did the other day really helped me prepare for those interviews and I went into them with a lot more confidence. The awards will be given out I think in the next week or so, and I will keep you updated. Thanks again! ”

Laurel B., Student in class of ‘21